Growing Sponge

This is an example of a brand conceived entirely from scratch, working with the client to achieve what was needed. Peter from Sponge Industries needed to promote a software and a call centre package for garages and MOT centres that he had developed, called SI-GN (Sponge Industries Garage Network). Sponge Industries itself required a simple brand, with a logo, style and colour palette; translated into print stationery (business cards and letterheads), which would then need to be transferred to a main company website (Sponge Industries), with a secondary, product-specific microsite (SI-GN).

Madnella's senior digital designer was involved throughout the process, from concept generation for the Sponge brand, through to final build and delivery of the company website and stationery. The brand was developed to be striking and easily recognisable, with the logo being adaptable to a range of print and digital sizes and contexts. Simple, salient images of different types of naturally occurring sponge lent inspiration to the colour palette, set against a complimentary dark sea blue, with textures used sparingly to convey a more organic feel to the clean design; emphasising the personal touch offered by Sponge being a small, independent agency.

Sponge Industries website