The WhatCar 2.0 machine

Engaging animated demonstration of the targeted advertising capabilities of the new WhatCar website, aimed at WhatCar’s business clients.

This animation was used to explain the targeted advertising capabilities of the new WhatCar website (2.0) to WhatCar’s business clients. Viewers are taken on a brief journey through the history of car sales, to understand the problem that buyers and sellers of new and second-hand cars face in standing out from the crowd. The new and improved WhatCar trading machine is then introduced, visualised as a buyer literally being transported through the machine, analysed for their specific requirements, paired up with a list of suitable cars, and being led to a successful sale.

The video was conceptualised in-house, with Anél De Bruyn as lead animator, video and sound editor. Additional animation was done by developer Mike Strick, while illustrations were done by Amir Mostofi. Check out the final video below!