From a financial perspective

Financial print publication for a leading investment bank, with build/maintenance of an accompanying microsite and campaign emails.
Over the last three years, Madnella has been responsible for the layout and design of a bi-annual financial publication for a leading investment bank. More recently, this has included the build and maintenance of an accompanying interactive microsite and campaign emails.

Design considerations include adhering to an ever-evolving brand, and maintaining consistency across all elements, print and digital. Print production generally includes full colour, double-page-spread brochures in English, with European language translations. The design is done in strict adherence to established core brand guidelines, and reviewed by multiple markets. Bespoke charts, illustrations and tables are created for every publication, and a high print standard is upheld. Digital optimised PDFs are created for online use, typically in single-page format for ease of viewing and printing at home.

The microsite is an online version of the brochure, with interactivity added to navigation and charts. Every iteration is updated to be more responsive in accordance with online trends and requirements, constantly adding new features. The site is similarly rolled out to four languages. The email design and build are managed by Madnella, and have been updated to be responsive.