Banners and Mash

A composite of banners done in the first half of 2011 for a variety of clients, including Accor, Novotel and Ibis Hotel groups and MWB Business Spaces. All banners were done in 2D, in Flash. Original size is 300x250 (standard MPU banner) and then rolled out across various sizes.

Avios travel banner done for The Guardian introducing airmiles, and Beats by Dr Dre banner for Dixons travel, advertising a competition to win a pair of headphones

Shake it up concept banner for the YCN (Young Creatives Network) Professional awards: The physical award for 2013 was a snowglobe filled with glitter, and YCN wanted to use a video of the glitter swirling around in the globe, but didn't have a video banner campaign set up. I proposed this as an alternative - illustrated from scratch, with ActionScript to control the glitter particles. File size was kept well below maximum, and the effect is much more controllable, with sharper visuals. To the right is an HSBC banner done for The Guardian, advertising information on expat wealth management. I created the vector illustrations of the globe, gears and coin, and animated it all from my own concept.

BHF zebrafish banner for The Guardian: I created the fish illustration, and animated it, along with the bubbles and sun rays in the background. Creating the illustration as a vector meant that the file size could be kept right down. Orange network in collaboration with Dating Direct stop-frame love hearts banner: I did the stop-frame motion from still images of the hearts.

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