London Design from the South

Madnella is a small, straightforward digital design company based in London, offering a range of digital services from ideas to final build. Design is done efficiently and affordably, with exceptional customer support and attendance to specific client needs. Have a look at our previous work to get an idea of how Madnella can help you create a striking website, an all-out animation piece for a presentation, or a shiny new iPhone or iPad app. With Madnella your projects can be taken on from scratch, with concept and idea generation, mapping out user-experience and planning your product, all the way to final build and hosting; or we could help out with smaller parts, including layout and design, UX/UI, HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3 build, animation of existing assets, and mobile compatibility and site optimisation for all common browsers.

Flower fresh web design with optimised build

Complete web solution, from UX to design, to SEO-optimised, responsive build. We gave Indifresh the perfect online store-front for their growing customer base.

Animating life at sea for HP’s storage journey

An interactive journey to determine which storage solution offered by HP is the one best suited to the client's company's needs.

Banners and mash

A composite of banner animations for various clients including Dixons, The Guardian and HSBC. Striking and lightweight for quick loading and flexible for rollout.

Yoga trainer moves minds and bodies with new website

A superb re-designed and vastly expanded website takes an upcoming yoga training company’s marketing to the next level, attracting new clients
Move Me Mind & Body is an emerging yoga training company, offering a range of customized services to help participants connect with their body creating a positive outcome, be it to relax, strengthen, rehabilitate or to stabilise body weight.

A complete renewal of the existing website was required. A comprehensive re-design and overhaul were done, and the site was also transferred to a new web host. Yoga positions are naturally quite visual, and the generous presence of images was utilized in creating a visually appealing site.

The client insisted that her great fondness of cats must somehow be incorporated into the logo. The Madnella created logo was retained from the previous website in order to maintain continuity, and features a handsomely gracious feline image, perfectly reflecting the supple and tranquil techniques associated with yoga.

The logo is more than suitable for multiple uses, including print options like business cards, letterheads and invoices.

The website can be navigated easily and includes everything a potential client needs to know, from services offered to pricing and contact forms. It further incorporates blogs by Move Me owner, Celeste, even though she candidly admits to be a reluctant blogger. As a big part of the target market are young people accessing the internet primarily via their mobile phones, care was taken to ensure that the site functions perfectly on this platform. Potential clients are no doubt assured that Celeste’s broad knowledge and experience are what they are looking for, as the client base has been steadily increasing.