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Data in full bloom

Visually immersive online counterpart to the award-winning* databloom digital installation by Publicis.Sapient, at the Money 20/20 FinTech conference in Amsterdam. Deliverables included links to relevant articles, custom social media posts, and strategic emails at different points in the campaign. See the project

Visually explosive and engaging experience landing page for data conference that stands out from the crowd. See the project

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Swimming app

Watertight app to track swimming progress, planned out from scratch, designed for ease of use, and built successfully... *endSnippet* *longSnippet* I planned, designed and built this simple web app for tracking progress in the pool. It counts laps and keeps track of time, while providing a detailed overview of past sessions for comparison. It's robust and easy to use and looks pretty neat too. *longSnippet* Just keep swimming Personal app designed and developed to keep track of swim progress, with more than one user, adding new session data on-the-fly, and giving useful information to compare sessions with. I am constantly trying to streamline my life. Wherever I have the opportunity to create something that makes any aspect of the daily grind easier, or more efficient,

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