City Index banners converted to HTML5

2015 brought with it a slightly panicked rush to change Flash banners over to HTML5 animation, after Google and Mozilla both declared that they would no longer be supporting it in their browsers. Madnella had been prepared, and was able to retain Gain Capital as a client by delivering a seamless changeover from Flash banners to HTML5 banners; a full set built from scratch, solidly and cleanly, to mimic existing animation, thus avoiding costly reworking of storyboards and asset creation. Madnella also offered after-sales support with adserver implementation, and, subsequently, the creation of a template from which a further 8 banner sets have been created to date. The banners adhere to Google adserver standards, and have been successfully served on numerous platforms, including iPhone and iPad. They use the popular animation platform, Greensock's TweenLite.