Indifresh stationery

Madnella turned an ambitious logo brief into reality, making the Indifresh brand easily recognisable with a logo for web and print.
Incorporated in 2011, Indifresh Ltd set out to become one of Britain’s largest suppliers of fresh flowers, procuring produce from Africa, Asia and Europe, selling their product in the UK and Europe. They approached Madnella at the start of this journey with an ambitious logo brief asking for a relatable logo mark that included both existing and future product lines, and paid homage to the crucial link between growers and local markets, while remaining accessible to a possible future US market. The brief also required the logo to be applied to web, stationery and product packaging.

In order to get an extensive variety of imaginative ideas, Madnella decided to outsource the basic design of the logo, which would play a crucial role in making the Indifresh brand instantly identifiable as something new and fresh, while keeping it open enough to incorporate the future endeavours of the company, i.e. getting involved in juices, processed foods etc.

The simple design of the leaf proved to be exactly what was needed to communicate all of this in one go, and the resultant logo mark lent itself smoothly across different formats as a solid brand mark, in both print and screen applications.

Madnella produced business cards and letterheads, and supplied the print files for use on product boxes. The logo mark also was the point of departure for many of the design choices made in the website Madnella produced for Indifresh a few years later. Seven years on Indifresh continues as a successful flower import business.